4 Australian tech conferences in 2016


A number of great tech conferences will be held this year in Australia. The conferences will include designers, innovators, startup founders, web developers and many others who are part of the tech industry. Here are four Australian tech conferences you can attend this year.

UX Australia

UX Australia

This event will be held from 23 to 26 August, 2016 in Melbourne. This conference will cover different UX-related topics. There will be practical lessons and case studies. A range of technologies will be covered.

Web Directions

Web Directions

This event will be held in October this year in Sydney and Melbourne. It is known as Australia’s digital product, design and engineering conference. This conference brings together engineers, developers, UX, product designers, and many others under one roof. From this conference, these people will learn from each other.

Swarm Conference

Swarm Conference

This is a conference for the Australia’s online community. The day will be full of new ideas, insights, inspirations, best practices, collaboration and networking. This conference brings together professionals from many walks of life. The conference will be held in September.

LCA by the Bay / Linux Conf

LCA by the Bay Linux Conf

This event was held from 1st to 5th February this year at Geelong. It is the biggest Linux and open source conference in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. This conference is running every year since 1999. It brings together international community. There were presentations and discussions. Relationship building was a key intention of this conference. It is a very technical conference and attracts about 500 to 800 participants every year.

These are only some of the tech conferences that are going to take place this year. With so many choices, it will be difficult for you to choose which one to attend.

4 ways technology is changing the way we do business


Imagine what it would be like if the biggest start-up companies of the last 30 to 40 years didn’t exist? Can you imagine what life would be like without Microsoft, Apple, Google or Facebook? They have completely transformed the way we work, play and consume even.

Startup companies are inventing new technologies and business models, transforming industries, raising the living standards of people, powering job generation, and many more. America has been able to shift its entire economic structure with startups. Here are five ways technology is changing the way we do business.

1. Productivity

Business productivity has increased. This allows more time to attend to other things. Technology has transformed the workplace. It has cut down the data processing costs and can manipulate large volume of data easily. The processing power of computers has increased. The hardware and software have become more powerful.

2. Collaboration

Teleworking arrangements can now be made if a person cannot go to office physically. With this facility, the employee can do their assignments from outside the office and interact with their clients as well. The technology has provided various connectivity options that have made it easy to work as a team. Real time interaction is possible now. Cloud computing is a very good example of collaboration in the work place.

3. Resourcing

Technology has enabled businesses to resource in a different way. Cloud computing allows many resources like software applications, hardware, storage, etc. to be accessed online. Outsourcing has allowed delegating various aspects of business to a third party while they are still connected.

4. Interaction and participation

Social media had a huge impact on business. It provided a separate platform for marketing and advertising. It is now an excellent platform for sharing information regarding company products and services.

Technology has completely changed the processes of the workplace. The evolution of information technology and telecoms is allowing the continuous transformation of the business environment.

3 online accounting software startups you should follow


There are many small business accounting softwares available in the market. These softwares have different features, customer support and pricing. Here are the top 3 online accounting software that you can buy as recommended by a leading accounting firm, darcy accounting.



QuickBooks is reliable and is feature-loaded accounting system. It is the industry standard accounting package. Any accountant can easily log into QuickBooks and start working. No training is needed. It has strong basic accounting functionality. QuickBooks send invoices and collect credit card payments as well. They have a ‘plus’ package that includes advanced features such as inventory management, purchase orders, etc. For some extra fees, you can also get a good payroll product. QuickBooks can easily integrate with third party applications like CRM, POS and e-commerce.



Xero has many features that are common to QuickBooks. But it offers some additional features as well. It has bulk editing option, unlimited users option, better-customized invoices, complementary payroll options for five employees, etc. Xero is a bit cheaper than QuickBooks.



Wave is free software that is very easy to use. It has a number of strong accounting and invoicing tools. It also has a large support network. This accounting software is best for freelancers, sole proprietors and contractors who have a tighter budget and only need a basic accounting system. This is also a good software for those who has little knowledge on accounting. With this software, you can track your expenses and revenues by linking it with your bank accounts. It can also manage your payables and receivables. It can process your credit card payments from clients. The payroll component of this software will cost $9 a month at least.

All these accounting softwares are good for a small business. You should choose one that matches your criteria and budget.